About Dtravel

Built on blockchain and a passion for travel

On the surface, Dtravel is a home sharing platform. Underneath, it’s much more.


The Dtravel difference

As a decentralized autonomous organization, Dtravel is community owned and governed by the very people who use the platform. By hosting or booking a home, you are given a voice to directly affect the policies, vision and direction of Dtravel.

Lower fees for

While other centralized home sharing corporations charge up to 20% per booking, Dtravel fees are just 10%, with the ability to reduce fees even further to as low as 5%. Hosts earn more, travelers pay less.

By the people, for the people

Anyone with TRVL tokens — from hosts to guests to token holders — has a say in organizational governance, enabling the platform to evolve with the needs and preferences of members over time.

About the DAO

Built on

Book stays, earn rewards, vote on proposals and access the loyalty program, all with the TRVL token.

More about TRVL

Principles first

Turning the sharing
economy into a
shared economy
What makes Dtravel different from other travel platforms?

Future focused

Our core vision is decentralization. Every move we make is in pursuit of this goal.

Community driven

Our hosts and guests govern our direction and have a say in all that we do.


We have a shared vision for the DAO. We’re applying our experience, knowledge and passion to bring it to life.

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