Experienced hosts

All hosts get TRVL tokens, which represent a stake in the Dtravel network. Dtravel is giving $10,000,000 in TRVL token to the first 50,000 hosts.

Host Benefits

  • Free for hosts

    Dtravel fees are set at 0% for hosts and guests pay less too!

  • Direct communication

    No communication restrictions means you can build better relationships with guests.

  • Payment options

    Accept cryptocurrencies, and lower your transaction costs.

  • Aligned interests

    The TRVL token aligns the economic interests of all Dtravel users.

  • Voice and control

    Control the sharing economy by making proposals and voting with other hosts.

  • Peace of mind

    At least $1,000,000 USD in property damage protection and public liability insurance.

Are You A Property Manager?

Are you a property manager?

If you have more than five properties or are a property manager, learn more about how you can work with Dtravel.

Behind Dtravel

World-class investors and contributors are supporting Dtravel's mission to build the first true sharing economy in the world.