How it works

The home sharing platform shaped by you

A decentralized and community-governed platform with a cost effective and fair fee model.

The Dtravel

Say hello to low fees, crypto payment options and aligned interests.

TRVL Token

TRVL powers activities within the Dtravel ecosystem.

Dtravel DAO

DAO governance enables all TRVL holders to participate in platform decisions.

Premium VIP Members

The Premium Member NFT a digital card that grants holders exclusive travel perks.


Hosts can earn additional revenue by participating in platform operations.

User Governance

All TRVL token holders—hosts, guests and members—get a voice and a vote.

Protection Pool

We offer US$1,000,000 in property protection for Dtravel hosts.


Frequently asked questions

What's Dtravel?

Dtravel is a community-owned and governed home sharing platform. It uses the TRVL token to power platform governance and voting, travel bookings, incentives and rewards, property protection and more.

What makes Dtravel a community-owned platform?

Dtravel is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), which means that decisions to guide the platform are controlled by community members who hold the TRVL token. All revenue from Dtravel bookings and Premium Member NFTs is funneled back into community funds, which are used to continue to grow the Dtravel ecosystem and to benefit the community.

What’s a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO)?

A decentralized autonomous organization, or “DAO” for short, refers to a community that is collectively governed by a set of predetermined parameters. These parameters can be updated by community consensus and ensure that DAOs are able to evolve with current events, representing a more efficient, democratic, and transparent model for governance. Instead of a small and opaque group of decision makers, the community ultimately holds the decision-making power under the DAO model. DAOs can be thought of as digital co-ops.

I want to learn more about the Dtravel DAO. Where can I find more information?

For more information on the Dtravel DAO, please see the Dtravel DAO Paper.

What is the Dtravel Community Treasury?

The Community Treasury is a fund that is owned and governed by the Dtravel DAO for the purpose of growing the ecosystem. Think of it as an endowment built through the transaction fees collected from bookings. It provides a powerful incentive for the community to ensure that host and guest interests are always aligned, and that the community works together to grow the ecosystem for the long-term benefit of Dtravel.

Treasury funds are used to drive growth through a number of methods. For example, a community member who brings in a new host or guest may receive a referral bonus. In this way, growth generated by each user drives network effects. Treasury funds are also utilized in decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols to maximize yield and grow the size of the community funds.

How does Dtravel offer lower fees?

Legacy platforms charge as much as 20% of the transaction value. Dtravel fees are set at 10% but can go as low as 5% from a combination of rewards and givebacks. By utilizing blockchain technology, smart contracts and decentralized finance (DeFi) while incentivizing the community to participate in platform operations, fees can be kept low.

The Dtravel fees charged on a transaction are held in a community-governed treasury and are used exclusively to grow the Dtravel platform.

What is the Dtravel Protection Pool?

The Protection Pool is a community fund, owned and governed by the Dtravel DAO, which provides up to US$1 million in property protection for hosts.

To ensure that the Protection Pool continues to grow proportionally and in perpetuity as the ecosystem and number of bookings grow, 1% of all booking revenue is allocated to the Protection Pool.

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