Building a new world for home sharing

Dtravel is building the world's first sharing economy by the people for the people.

About Dtravel

The Dtravel network facilitates both short and long term accommodation bookings, providing guests and hosts with lower costs and better choices.

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Over 50% fee reduction for hosts and guests

Unlike centralized home sharing corporations like Airbnb and similar platforms that charge up to 20% per booking, Dtravel sets fees at 7.5%. Hosts earn more and travelers pay less for the same quality!

By the users for the users

Dtravel is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) of people who have TRVL tokens. All hosts receive TRVL so they can participate in platform governance as the needs and preferences of users evolve over time.

Built with blockchain technology

TRVL is the native token of the Dtravel network. It can be used for booking stays, staking to qualify for rewards, governing the platform through community voting, paying hosts, and accessing the Dtravel loyalty program.

Frequently asked questions

What’s Dtravel?

Dtravel is a community-owned and governed platform for the home-sharing economy. Think of it as Airbnb with lower fees, built to benefit hosts and guests instead of a corporation that prioritizes shareholder interests above those of its community.

What makes Dtravel a community owned platform?

Dtravel is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), which means that decisions to guide the network are controlled by community members. Members are people who hold the TRVL token. All revenue from Dtravel bookings is funnelled back into the Community Treasury and Protection Fund, which exist for the benefit of hosts and guests.

What is the Dtravel Community Treasury?

The Community Treasury is a fund, owned and governed by the Dtravel DAO, for the purpose of growing the network. Think of it as an endowment built through the transaction fees collected from bookings. It provides a powerful incentive for the community to ensure that host and guest interests are always aligned, and that Dtravel can never fall victim to the pitfalls of Web 2.0 OTA models.

Treasury funds are used to drive growth through a number of methods. For example, a community member who brings in a new host or guest is entitled to a referral bonus. In this way, profits generated by each user drive network effects. Treasury funds are also utilized in DeFi protocols to maximize yield, growing the size of community funding.

How does Dtravel offer lower fees?

Legacy platforms charge as much as 20% of the transaction value. Dtravel fees are set at 7.5%. By utilizing blockchain, smart contracts and Decentralized Finance (DeFi), and incentivizing the community to participate in Dtravel network operations, fees can be kept low.

The Dtravel fees of 7.5% of the total booking value are held in a community-governed treasury and are used exclusively to grow the Dtravel network.

What is the Dtravel Protection Pool?

The Protection Pool is a community fund, owned and governed by the Dtravel DAO, which provides up to US$1 million in property protection for hosts.

To ensure that the Protection Pool continues to grow proportionally and in perpetuity as the network and number of bookings grow, 1% of all booking revenue is allocated to the Protection Pool.

Why not other home-sharing platforms?

“Airbnb has a "trust" problem. A rift is growing between its four million hosts and the company. Hosts are going after the company in the form of lawsuits, while others are opting to book guests directly or turning to other sites.” - The New York Times

While revolutionary for their time, other home-sharing platforms are becoming outdated for today's emerging economic reality. The main problem is that these other platforms answer to corporate shareholders, not their hosts and guests.

By being a costly intermediary, they drain value from users transacting on their platforms to return profits to shareholders. Dtravel cuts out this middleman through smart contract technology and delivers all value to its community of users. By providing users with control of the network itself, Dtravel allows its users to benefit from the growth of the network.

Through the TRVL token and NFT VIP Memberships, Dtravel also offers novel incentives for guests. Additionally, guests can pay in traditional currencies as well as major cryptocurrencies.

What’s in it for hosts?

With the lowest fees in the industry, hosts retain a greater percentage of every booking made on the Dtravel platform. Hosts also have complete freedom to list and market their own properties, along with the ability to accept a wide variety of payment options including cryptocurrency.

By holding TRVL, hosts can enjoy premium search position, reputation score enhancements, payout bonuses, access to value-added programs, and more.

Also, by staking TRVL, hosts can participate in DAO governance votes and submit proposals to have their say in how the network develops. Dtravel will evolve to allow the submission of proposals by the community, which may include anything from host-specific loyalty programs to tokenized room nights. The community will also be able to submit proposals for and vote on grants from the Community Treasury to provide funding for initiatives that add value to the Dtravel network.

What’s in it for guests?

As fees are lower for both hosts and guests, Dtravel guests can expect lower prices on Dtravel compared to legacy travel booking platforms for the same quality of travel experience. Guests save up to 50% in fees when using Dtravel compared to Airbnb and other home-sharing platforms.

By taking part in TRVL staking, guests can earn rebates for bookings, participate in yield farming, and participate in DAO governance. Guests can also become VIP members by holding a Dtravel non-fungible token (NFT).

What is TRVL and how does it work?

TRVL is the native token of Dtravel. It is easily exchangeable with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as traditional currencies like USD on third-party exchanges. In the Dtravel ecosystem, TRVL tokens offer powerful benefits with built-in rewards. As part of Dtravel’s DAO infrastructure, TRVL represents a stake in the network.

All hosts receive TRVL for using the Dtravel platform. By staking TRVL on the Dtravel platform, hosts can enjoy TRVL token bonuses on top of each booking payout, a greater referral reward for referring hosts or guests, and an enhanced reputation score. Most importantly, staking TRVL enables hosts to participate in DAO governance votes to have their say in how the platform is run.

A breakdown of TRVL use cases is covered below.


  • Create and vote on different community proposals such as new features, community grants, ecosystem growth incentives, network fees, and adjusting other parameters in the network.
  • Hosts and guests must stake TRVL to participate in Dtravel DAO voting, proposal submissions, and other Dtravel DAO initiatives.
  • Guests can stake TRVL to access the Loyalty Program, generate yield, and receive discounts.
  • Hosts can stake TRVL to receive TRVL token bonuses on top of each booking payout, a greater referral reward for referring hosts or guests, and an enhanced reputation score.
  • TRVL will be used by guests to make payments and for hosts to receive payments
  • TRVL will be used to buy Dtravel Loyalty Memberships (“Dtravel VIP”) represented as NFTs
  • TRVL will be used by hosts to pay for value added services
  • TRVL will be paid as rewards for successful host and guest referrals

How does yield farming work with TRVL?

Advanced cryptocurrency users can earn yield and participate in the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem by providing TRVL liquidity to various token pools. Users are encouraged to do their own research before providing liquidity as it represents an emerging sector of DeFi.

What’s the relationship between Dtravel and

Dtravel is receiving support from and will power the "Homes" vertical on There are also many other symbiotic benefits which exist between the AVA token and the TRVL token.

Dtravel has a standalone team of executives from major online travel agencies (OTAs) and established blockchain companies.

How can I get TRVL?

$35 million worth of TRVL will be given to the first 100,000 hosts who join Dtravel. Airdrops of TRVL will occur through campaigns for those in the and AVA community.

Official announcements coming soon, please beware of scams or fake listings prior to the official launch of TRVL.

Who’s on the team?

Dtravel has a wide range of contributors, including those experienced in blockchain, travel, share-economy platforms, and decentralized finance. Some contributors have previously worked at Airbnb, Expedia,, and other major technology companies.

Who invested?

Dtravel has secured a $5M seed fundraising round from Kenetic Capital, Future Perfect Ventures, DHVC, Plutus VC, GBV Capital, AU21 Capital, Shima Capital, LD Capital, and NGC Ventures, as well as several angel investors including former executives at Airbnb, Expedia, Uber, and Google, some of whom have joined the Dtravel team.

What are Dtravel VIP NFTs?

The Dtravel VIP non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are digital membership cards which grant access to exclusive benefits including discounts and unique experiences. Initially 450 Founders Edition Memberships are available. Monthly prize drops include private jets, private islands, luxury getaways, exclusive travel experiences, and other perks.

When can I start hosting and booking on Dtravel?

The Dtravel main network launch, along with the booking platform ready for use by both hosts and guests, is scheduled for Q3 2021. If you’re a Host, you may already register your property on Dtravel and be eligible to receive bonus TRVL tokens once the main network launches if you’re one of the first 100,000 hosts to complete registration.

What’s a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO)?

A decentralized autonomous organization, or “DAO” for short, refers to a community that is collectively governed by a set of predetermined parameters. These parameters can be updated by community consensus and ensure that DAOs are able to evolve with current events,representing a more efficient, democratic, and transparent model for governance. Instead of a small and opaque group of decision makers, the community ultimately holds the decision-making power under the DAO model. DAOs can be thought of as digital co-ops.

I want to learn more about DAO. Is there a Dtravel DAO document?

For more information on the Dtravel DAO, please see the dedicated document.

Behind Dtravel

World-class investors and contributors are supporting Dtravel's mission to build the first true sharing economy in the world.