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What is TRVL?

Dtravel platform
Much like a co-op where owners can vote on organizational governance, hosts and guests who have TRVL are members of the Dtravel DAO.


A native token for
the community.
Access the benefits of the Dtravel economy simply by being a TRVL token holder. Hosts and guests can use TRVL to participate in Dtravel DAO voting, proposal submissions and other initiatives.

Pay for stays

Make payments as a guest

Earn Rewards

Get TRVL rewards for every booking

Have your say

Vote of platform initiatives

Exchange for benefits

VIP memberships and partner services

Do more
with TRVL

Hosts can earn rewards, guests can book stays, participate in the loyalty program and get discounts with TRVL, and all community members can earn TRVL for participating in platform operations.

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