Home sharing, driven by community

Dtravel is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)—an organizational model where the decisions that guide the platform are in the hands of the community.

A community for all hosts and guests.

Anyone holding the TRVL token is a member of the Dtravel community. The key benefits of community-controlled structures include:

Lower fees

Lower fees for both hosts and guests

More payment options

Accept payments however you prefer, credit or crypto

More say

Vote on initiatives to guide the future of the platform

Peace of mind

Hosts benefit from US$1,000,000 in property protection

Everyone wins

For the benefit of all hosts and guests

While other centralized home sharing corporations charge up to 20% per booking, Dtravel fees are just 10%, with the ability to reduce fees even further to as low as 5%. Transaction fees are held in a community-governed treasury and used to grow the ecosystem.

Hosts are also better able to communicate directly with their guests and have the opportunity to earn additional revenue by participating in certain platform operations, such as customer support, dispute resolution, onboarding and host success.

The TRVL token and the decentralized organizational structure ensure the economic interests of all members are valued and aligned.

How it works

Any member of the Dtravel DAO can submit proposals on how to improve the Dtravel platform, vote on proposals and participate in other activities that benefit all members. For more details, check the DAO whitepaper.

Read the DAO paper

90 million reasons
to get involved

To ensure all hosts and guests can participate in governance, Dtravel has allocated 90m TRVL to be distributed as rewards to the early hosts and guests who complete bookings on Dtravel.

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Contribute and get rewarded

Work looks different in a Web3 world. Use your expertise and be rewarded for contributing your time and talents to Dtravel.

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